Bed & Breakfast Holiday House "Da Paolo e Francesca", Pignola in Basilicata

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Bed & Breakfast Holiday House "Da Paolo e Francesca", Pignola in Basilicata



WWF Lake Pantano di Pignola Oasis

The Lago Pantano di Pignola regional reserve is a protected natural area established in 1984 to protect a series of environments of high interest and naturalistic value.

It occupies an area of 155.00 ha in the Petrucco district of Pignola, in the province of Potenza.

The habitat of the reserve allows many species of mammals (such as the fox, the marten, the weasel), numerous water birds and not (the swan, the egret, the mallard, and many others).

The fish fauna is mainly composed of cyprinids (carp, tench, rudd and carassi), arborelle, catfish, perch, pike, capitoni, chub, and blackbass.

The species of birds surveyed are over 150 of which many nesting; there are about 1500 species of entomofauna of which 995 species belonging to 68 families of diurnal and nocturnal beetles, of these 11 are new for southern Italy, 5 for Italy and one is completely new for science


(Tychus angelenii); besides amphibians, reptiles and mammals of which little is known.

Many rare and endangered species. The family of diurnal raptors is very well represented in the Lago di Pignola Regional Reserve.

All the species both diurnal (hawks, kites, buzzards) and nocturnal (owls, owls, barn owls and owls) play a fundamental role in nature, they select the older, sick animals

or even dead doing so an important job of "cleaning" the environment in which they live.

It is a mixed group of birds, generally magnificent in flight, which live between 10 and 30 years depending on the species. They are protected all over the world and Lake Pignola hosts one of the most active CRAS (Wild Animal Recovery Center in the Province of Potenza) in southern Italy.

The easiest bird species to observe or of greatest naturalistic interest are: coot, mallard, great crested grebe, dipping, shovel, teal, green woodpecker, kingfisher, pendulum.